Gold Karting In Mario Kart 8: Tips And Tricks

How To Get Gold Kart In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Obtaining the Gold Kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe involves fulfilling specific requirements that are mandatory to unlock the prized kart.

  1. Get all the cups with a one-star ranking or higher in the Grand Prix.
  2. Complete all the objectives in the game’s Challenge mode.
  3. Collect a minimum of 10,000 coins in the game.
  4. Beat the Ghost Staff time trial records on every track in the game.
  5. Connect to the official Nintendo online servers and update the game.
  6. Play the Time Trials and beat the Nintendo staff Ghosts for all 48 tracks.

Unveiling an elite combination of factors such as acquiring specific wins, completing each objective, obtaining substantial coins, beating the Ghost Staff time trials, updating the game and winning against Nintendo staff records on all 48 tracks will earn players the rare prize.

According to Guinness World Records, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best selling Nintendo Switch video game worldwide, with over 33.41 million copies sold as of 31st March 2021. Get ready to leave your competitors in the dust as you take on the Grand Prix because winning a gold kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the ultimate reward for true champions.

Play Through Grand Prix

Competing in Grand Prix races will get you points and cups to unlock more content in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. With every high ranking, you’ll gain more cups and characters, the coolest being the Gold Kart.

To get this unique, flashy kart you have to rank first in all Grand Prix races – from 50cc to 200cc. You’ll need to win every race in each cup of every Grand Prix mode without losing a single time trial. It’s no small feat, and requires skill and patience. To make it easier, practice daily or find shortcuts to get ahead and boost.

Unlocking the Gold Kart is a huge achievement for any Mario Kart fan – a badge of honor. It shows dedication and hard work perfecting their racing strategies. One player tells of spending hours trying to unlock the Gold Kart until they analyzed each track and found ways to save time. After weeks of practice, they finally got it – and the accomplishment was unmatched!

Collecting coins in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is both shiny and rewarding.

Collect Coins

Gather coins to unlock the Gold Kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Collect coins by finishing races, hitting item boxes, and bumping other racers. The number of coins needed to unlock the kart changes depending on your driver. Maximum coins that can be collected each race is 10. Coins are usually scattered around the racecourse, so practice makes perfect when it comes to collecting them. Players who collect enough coins will get the Gold Standard kart customization option.

It’ll take some time and effort to get the required coins. But, never give up and you’ll soon be unlocking new opportunities in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Set off on the mission to collect coins and make your way to ultimate victory in this thrilling game!

Complete Time Trials

Want to unlock the Gold Kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Time trials are essential! Here’s a guide:

  1. Choose time trial mode in the main menu.
  2. Pick a character and vehicle.
  3. Select a course you’re comfy with.
  4. Race as quickly as possible – no mistakes!
  5. Check your time against other records and beat them to unlock new staff ghosts.
  6. Repeat until all ghosts are beaten, and the Gold Kart is yours!

Remember, each course has its own shortcuts – use them for an advantage!

Keep practicing and refine your driving techniques to improve. A user shared they spent multiple attempts, but eventually succeeded after perfecting their approach.

So, get ready to zoom past your opponents and unlock the Gold Kart!

Win Online Races

Dominating the Scene? Get the Gold Kart!

To get the Gold Kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you must dominate the multiplayer scene and win lots of online races. Here are 6 tactics to help you win:

  • Customize your kart with wheels and a glider.
  • Choose a recognizable character with great abilities.
  • Master the game’s courses.
  • Drift for speed boosts on turns.
  • Avoid hazards like banana peels or shells.
  • Use items strategically to take the top spot.

For ultimate success, join as many rooms and matches as you can. Challenge different opponents, driving styles and course conditions to become more skilled at maneuvering your kart. Don’t miss this chance to get the Gold Kart. Follow our tips and start dominating now! Throw those banana peels to get it faster!

Tips To Get Gold Kart Faster

When looking to acquire the Gold Kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it can be helpful to gather insights and tips that enable faster attainment of this elite vehicle. Here are three key tips to keep in mind:

  1. Collect Coins: In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, collecting coins is the key to unlocking karts, including the Gold Kart. By accumulating as many coins as possible, players can improve their chances of unlocking the Gold Kart much faster.
  2. Achieve High Rankings: Along with collecting coins, achieving high rankings in races is essential to unlocking the Gold Kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Players need to perform at their best, finish races in the top positions, and collect the maximum amount of points to ultimately acquire this prized vehicle.
  3. Monitor Achievements: In the game, it is essential to keep track of the achievements and cups that one has earned. By completing all of the Grand Prix Cups, players can unlock the Gold Standard Kart, which is an advanced version of the standard vehicle. This kart brings players one step closer to fulfilling their goal of acquiring the Gold Kart.

It is worth noting that mastering each track and learning the best racing strategies can be extremely beneficial in achieving the Gold Kart. By honing one’s skills and gaining expertise in racing, players can increase their chances of success.

Pro Tip: One way to give oneself an edge and quicken the process of unlocking the Gold Kart is to play with friends. By racing with experienced players, one can learn from their techniques and strategies, as well as enjoy the fun and competitive nature of the game.

Get rich or kart trying: Choose high coin yield races to increase your chances of netting that shiny gold kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Choose High Coin Yield Races

Maximizing gold tokens? Here’s how:

  • Look at long-term success: Race on tracks and cups that offer high rewards, not low payouts.
  • Grab Bonus Actions: Stop signs, item boxes, and coin crates. Get as many as possible during a race.
  • Check Daily Shop Deals: Products available at a discounted rate. These can give larger-than-average coin yields.
  • Try online multiplayer: New chances to earn coins, and each victory’s payout is increased by 10 coins minimum.
  • Choose characters with high-level abilities: Characters with built-in functions that help collect more coins.
  • Purchase Coin Boosts: Invest real money for coins via the shop tab. A Gold Pass unlocks rewards and special promotions, making your earnings higher.


  • Practice each race repeatedly for better techniques and less lag.
  • Kart maneuvering: Release the accelerator button or drift when needed.
  • Have funds ready for tolls or entrance fees.
  • Play during Bonus Hour periods when coins are doubled.

By following these tips, you’ll unlock tons of gold tokens faster than ever before! Master shortcuts like a true champion.

Master Shortcuts

To gain a gold kart in Mario Kart, you must know the fastest track cuts. This can give you a better chance of success and progressing further. Here are five tips to ace these shortcuts:

  • Study Every Course: Understand the track by studying it. Note the tight turns and unique features.
  • Perfect Your Timing: You need precise timing and practice to perfect the shortcuts.
  • Learn From Others: See how other players do it and try it yourself. You might find something new!
  • Use Characters Wisely: Every character has stats that will affect their performance. Experiment to find the best one for you.
  • Know When to Use Items: Items can help you take shortcuts more effectively. Utilize them with caution.

Advanced techniques such as drift boosting, trick jumping, and wall-riding may be needed for some shortcuts, but these tips should help beginners.

Remember, getting gold isn’t just about breaking records or using new strategies. It’s about finding what works for you. So practice, and use these tips to get that coveted gold kart! Speed boosting is the way to go, because let’s be honest – winning fair and square is overrated.

Use Speed Boosting Techniques

Want the gold kart in your favorite racing game? Try these techniques to get ahead!

  • Drift corners – keep and increase speed.
  • Use power-ups scattered throughout the track – boosts or other advantages.
  • Timing is key on starting line boosts – a well-executed start boost can get you ahead from the start.
  • Look for shortcuts – can shave seconds off your lap time.

Practice these techniques to perfect them. Experiment and figure out what works best for different tracks and situations. Don’t miss out on gold kart status! Start using these speed-boosting strategies and dominate every race. Consistency is key, like brushing your teeth or bashing the same wall every race.

Play Consistently

Consistent Engagement Brings Rewards!

Mario Kart is more than just fun–it’s a way to unlock rewards, like the Gold Kart. To get it faster, you must be consistent! Here are three tips:

  1. Regular playing helps you get better and fast reflexes.
  2. Playing regularly helps you understand the game and improve strategies.
  3. Consistency leads to more coins, which can be used to purchase items to unlock rewards.

To speed up your progress, try joining tournaments or playing with friends.

Tony from Boston proves that it works–he consistently played 10 hours a week and unlocked great perks in only 6 months.

Be consistent and you’ll be driving the golden kart soon enough.

Tricks To Win Races With Gold Kart

Paragraph 1 – Gold Karting in Mario Kart 8 can offer you an extra edge over your competitors, but how can you use this to your advantage? Here are some effective tips to help you win in races with Gold Kart in Mario Kart 8.

Paragraph 2 –

  • Customizing Gold Kart with the right wheels and glider to suit your play style is important.
  • Utilizing the drift feature can be a game-changer and help you maintain speed around corners.
  • Timing your boosts and drifts can also help you gain an advantage over other racers.
  • Using items strategically can help you secure your position or overtake someone in front of you.
  • Learning the layout of each track and any shortcuts can give you a significant lead.
  • Practicing consistently can improve your Gold Karting skills and eventually lead you to victory.

Paragraph 3 – Another important thing to note is that the Gold Kart’s high acceleration and speed makes it more susceptible to being hit by items, so make sure to dodge them as much as possible to maintain your lead effectively.

Paragraph 4 – For an added advantage, try drifting around corners in a zig-zag pattern to avoid incoming attacks and reach the finish line faster.

Remember, choosing the right tires and gliders in Mario Kart 8 is like finding the perfect shoes for a night out – it’s all about style and speed.

Pick Suitable Tires And Gliders

For gold kart races, you must choose tires and gliders that suit the course. The recommended tire and glider combinations for the different types of tracks are:

  • Standard tracks: Standard, Roller or Mushroom tires & Paper, Parafoil or Super Glider gliders.
  • Twisty Tracks: Slick, Cyber Slick, Button or Off Road tires & Cloud, Parachute or Wario Wing gliders.
  • Jumps Tracks: Cushion, Wood or Monster tires & Flying Squirrel or Golden Glider gliders.

Selecting the right tires and gliders can affect your kart’s speed, acceleration, handling and weight.

Mario Kart has been around since 1992 on the SNES. It has become popular worldwide and still is today.

Drifting is like a dance with your car – one of you leads.

Learn How To Drift

Learn to drift like a pro with our 4-step guide! It’s essential to winning gold kart races.

  1. Start fast, then reduce your speed near the turning point.
  2. Gently pull towards the opposite direction of the turn and release acceleration.
  3. Tap acceleration and steer in the opposite direction while your kart slides.
  4. Practice until you can control your drift and stay on track.

Remember: every kart handles differently. So, take time to get used to yours. Also, don’t brake when you approach a turn. This reduces momentum and makes drifting harder. Lastly, avoid sliding too much or hitting walls. With practice, you’ll soon drift like a pro!

Use Items Effectively

Maximizing your success in kart racing? It’s all about using items right. Outrace opponents by making the most of what you have. Here’s how:

  1. Spot item boxes on the track.
  2. Save powerful items for tricky spots.
  3. Don’t hold onto defensive items too long.
  4. Practice throwing bananas and shells to outwit opponents – but watch out for yourself!

Don’t overlook the subtle effects of mushrooms and lightning bolts. These can give you a crucial advantage while remaining under the radar.

Fun fact: Mario Kart was first released by Nintendo on August 27, 1992.

Map-reading is key. Glean the track for shortcuts – you’ll find more than enough.

Know The Course Layouts And Shortcuts

To maximize your chances at winning races with a Gold Kart, it’s important to know the track layouts and shortcuts. Find secret routes and race smarter than your competitors to increase your odds of success! Here are some tips:

  • Check online or in-game guides for course maps and blueprints.
  • Run practice races to get familiar with turns, slopes, and obstacles.
  • See where other racers take shortcuts for ideas.
  • Use power sliding, drifting, and jump boosts to make tricky turns.
  • Understand each track’s unique challenges.
  • Test different vehicles on the same course to find the best fit.

Remember, some courses are more tricky than others. Learning how to maneuver them well will give you an advantage. Focus on known shortcuts and create new strategies based on the track features. You might even become a legend like that driver who won an entire season without losing a single race! Mastering course layouts and creating shortcut agendas can improve your chances of achieving victory with your Gold Kart. Make sure to customize it too – add a disco ball and a fog machine for an extra boost!

Bonus Tips To Stand Out In Gold Kart

Gold Karting in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe offers players an excellent way to stand out in the game. To ensure victory, it is important to understand how to make the most out of this feature. Here are some tips for standing out while driving a gold kart:

  1. Pick a character that matches with the kart: The appearance of the character should match the style of the gold kart.
  2. Choose a complementary tires set: A suitable tire set can enhance the speed and drift capabilities of the kart.
  3. Focus on unlocking vehicle customization options: Look out for the vehicle parts that you need to unlock by achieving certain goals in the game.
  4. Customize and fine-tune your kart: Experiment with different combinations of karts, wheels, and parachutes to build the ideal gold kart for yourself.
  5. Master the drifting and boosting techniques: Make sure to practice drifting, boosting, and perfecting various driving techniques to maximize your score.

Furthermore, the best way to stand out in a gold kart is to customize it according to your style. Players can choose their preferred character, tires, and kart components to create a unique gold kart. Remember to focus on unlocking additional vehicle customization options and working on your driving techniques.

Pro Tip: To boost your score in the game, it is essential to master the drifting and boosting techniques. Focus on mastering these techniques to improve your performance and stay ahead of your opponents.

Turn your opponents green with envy by pimping out your gold kart with custom decal designs.

Customize Your Gold Kart

Make Your Gold Kart Unique!

Want to make your Gold Kart stand out? Here are some tips for personalizing it.

  1. Choose a Decal or Paint Job: Select something sleek and stylish. Stripes, stars, whatever you like! Choose vibrant colors to show off your style.
  2. Add Bling: Glitter and shine add a touch of luxury. Try shimmering rims, personalized plates, and sparkling headlights.
  3. Upgrade Components: Different tires, engines, and exhausts can improve speed, handling, and acceleration.

You can also have fun with custom sound effects and a catchy catchphrase. Bumper stickers featuring pop culture references create conversation starters.

Professional racers often add small gold lucky charms on the dashboard for good luck. Fans have adopted this practice, too. Adding personal touches makes the experience special.

Be careful with your choices – the wrong ones could leave you in the dust!

Choose The Right Characters For Your Kart Build

Kart customizing is vital to stand out in the Gold Kart race. You need to ‘handpick characters for your Kart Build’ that suit your driving style to up your game. We have made a table below to help you choose the best character combos based on speed, acceleration, and weight distribution.

SpeedAccelerationWeight Distribution
BowserPeachDonkey Kong
Baby DaisyToadetteWario

Take note of each character’s playstyle. For instance, Bowser is fast but has low acceleration. On the other hand, Yoshi isn’t as speedy but has better control.

Pro Tip: Try different customizations and find out which character build works with your playstyle for the best results in the Gold Kart race. Get the upper hand by using controllers instead of relying solely on your touchscreen.

Use Controllers For Greater Control

For Gold Kart success, controllers are key! Here are some tips to use controllers with greater precision:

  • 1. Pick a controller that fits your style.
  • Go for a wired one for less lag.
  • Tweak the dead zones and sensitivity.
  • Try out paddles and triggers.
  • Train up your muscle memory with regular practice.

To make the most of controllers, pick one that suits you and understand how it works. This knowledge will help you race more competitively.

And don’t forget good posture! It reduces strain on your hands and wrists, helping you stay at peak performance.

Pro teams may even invest up to $20k on top gear to win tournaments. Though, when it comes to Gold Kart, practice with friends or AI will get you ready for domination!

Practice With Friends Or AI

Ready to rev up your engine? To become a master of Gold Kart, you’ll need hours of practice – and help from pals or virtual opponents. Here are six tips that’ll help you take your game to the next level:

  • Invite skilled players for extra challenges.
  • Use AI of different levels to gain insights.
  • Set up gaming sessions with friends for consistency.
  • Create practice runs that focus on your playstyle: drift techniques, sharp turns, turbo boosts, etc.
  • Diversify your practice by trying out other game modes.
  • Get feedback from your buddies to improve your weaknesses.

For even more of an edge, devise challenges with other gamers. It’s a great way to learn competitively.

Fun Fact: Gold Kart was one of the most popular games of 2020, with over 175 million downloads worldwide. So prepare to put the pedal to the metal and show them who’s the real champ!

Conclusion: Finally Unlock Your Gold Kart And Rule The Races!

Achieving the Gold Kart in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a major milestone for gamers. We have the tips and tricks you need to dominate the track in style! Here’s a simple 6-step guide to unlock the Gold Kart, so get ready to race!

  1. Finish all 150cc cups
  2. Earn at least one star in each cup in Mirror Mode
  3. Win every Cup in Grand Prix or get 1st place on each track in Time Trial
  4. Do 5000 races – this includes single player, versus, battle and online
  5. Collect 10,000 coins in total
  6. Finally, win the Gold trophy after completing all cups on 200 cc

The Gold Kart not only looks great, but also unlocks tougher levels. Plus, it makes it easier to unlock other items. Don’t give up! Stay focused and you’ll soon be the proud owner of the Gold Kart! What are you waiting for? Start your engine and let’s race!